Sermon Notes for 1941

For the years 1938 through 1947 Davis collected his sermon notes in more-or-less annual hand-bound booklets. These are all notes, not full-text sermons, and are somewhat harder to interpret.

For most of these booklets the sermon notes are well ordered and inclusive of only sermons for the particular year in question. This was not the case for the notes for 1941, which were out of chronological order and included notes from several other years; only 30 of 41 sets of notes are from 1941. I have moved the notes for other years to their appropriate chronological places and I have put the 1941 notes in chronological order. The original scan, with notes from other years and out of order is at the end of this page.

Here is a list of the sermons he collected for 1941. Scans of the original notes and their transcription follows below.




Here is a scan of the notes as they were originally bound together by Davis: