The Compelling Power of the Christ Like Life, Sermon Notes, No Date

As the materials from Earl C Davis came down to me, many sermons were pinned together with a straight pin in the upper-left corner. So it was with this set of notes, and when I started working with them, I expected a beginning-to-end sermon as I had found with other notes pinned together in this way. In fact it is clear that this sermon was not completed. In these notes are five different beginnings. Furthermore, the notes as they were pinned together are almost certainly out of order, with the last page of what I call “Version 3” out of place. Here I provide both the notes in the original order as I found them, and the notes as I reordered them. Finally a transcription of the reordered notes.

Notes as found:


Notes reordered:


Transcription of the reordered notes: