Lecture IV: The Origin of the Books of the Old Testament, Part 2

In addition to the manuscript clearly labeled, “Lecture IV,” which start with “Questions,” I have included several other manuscripts with my edited version of “Lecture IV:”
(1) “Questions,” which contains further questions and answers about textual criticism
(2) “Question,” which contains yet another question about the historical origin of the manuscripts
(3) “The Pentateuch as a Whole,” which concerns the Hebrew Pentateuch, or the first five books of the Old Testament
(4) A diagram of the history of the various documents that came together to form the Pentateuch

It is perhaps worth noting that several lectures begin with “questions,” which I surmise were questions raised by congregants in response to the previous week’s lecture.

16Lecture4OriginsOfTheBible1916Transcribed 16Lecture4OriginsOfTheBible1916 16QuestionsOnTextualCriticism1916 16QuestionAreTherDocumentaryProofs1916 PentateuchAsAWholeLectureIVSecA4 16Lecture4OriginsOfTheBibleTimeline1916