1918 Four-brad Bundle of Manuscripts

In some cases, Earl Davis bound together manuscripts in bundles. One such bundle included seven manuscripts; six can be dated to 1918.

The manuscript, “The Churches and Socialism,” appears in this bundle as well as a second bundle with manuscripts from 1910; it was written at the same time as these earlier manuscripts. My guess is that is was included in this second bundle because it covers some similar ground on socialism and democracy.

The manuscript, “Making Democracy Safe in America: Democratization of Industry,” is an incomplete version of another manuscript not found in this collection, “The Democratization of Industry.” Instead of including this incomplete manuscript here, I have included it with “The Democratization of Industry,” which is not included in this collection.

Other than “The Churches and Socialism,” all the other manuscripts were written after the United States had entered World War I, but before its conclusion. One of these manuscripts provides Earl Davis’ report of his time at Camp Devens where he provided religious support for troops in training to enter the war.

  1. Review of God of the New Age by Eugene William Lyman, Boston: Pilgrim Press, 1918.
  2. Sermon: “Religion, in Life and in Reality”
  3. Report: “Five Months at Camp Devens”
  4. Sermon: “Democracy and Socialism”
  5. Sermon: “Liberty and Responsibility in Religion”
  6. Sermon: “Making Democracy Safe in America: Democratization of Industry”
  7. Sermon: “The Churches and Socialism” (from 1910)