Sermon Notes for 1942 and 1943

For the years 1938 through 1947 Davis collected his sermon notes in more-or-less annual hand-bound booklets. In most cases, these are just notes, not full-text sermons, and are somewhat harder to interpret.

For most of these booklets the sermon notes are well ordered and inclusive of only sermons for the particular year in question. The booklet of notes for 1942 and 1943 is exceptionally complete, 101 total sermon notes covering the two years. Because of the length, I have divided the transcriptions and the list of sermon titles by date into two, one set for 1942 and a second set for 1943.

The booklet as it came to me was very largely correctly ordered. In a few instances I reordered sermon note pages to their chronologically correct position. In addition a couple of the pages for the notes for February 22, 1942 were misplaced in the booklet of notes for 1941. I have moved these pages and added the scan of those notes to the revised–or “corrected”–scan of the 1942-1943 Booklet.

Here are lists of the sermons he collected for 1942 and 1943. Scans of the original notes and their transcription follows below.



Here is the (slightly) revised scan of the Booklet of Sermon notes for 1942-1943. A scan of the Booklet as it came to me is below.


Here are the transcriptions, with editorial additions, of the notes, separated into two sets, one for 1942 and a second for 1943.



Here is a scan of the Booklet of sermon notes as it came to me.