The Roots of Victory, 1904

Earl Davis wrote two sermons for February 21, 1904, “The Roots of Victory,” and “Preparation and Temptation.” Both are written to the same text, Luke 2:52. Both sermons focus on Jesus’ growth as a youth into manhood; his preparation for his test of temptation that he met—metaphorically—with 40 days and40 nights in the desert. Only the sermon, “The Roots of Victory,” has evidence of being preached on February 21, 1904 in Boston. It would appear that Davis first wrote “Preparation and Temptation,” and then approached his subject differently with “The Roots of Victory,” which was delivered in East Boston. The text for “Preparation and Temptation,” may never have been preached.  Both texts are provided below, first “The Roots of Victory,” then “Preparation and Temptation.”