The Origins and History of the Bible, 1916

Among the manuscripts left by Earl C. Davis were a large collection of manuscripts that concerned various aspects of the history of the Bible. A number of these were organized into numbered lectures. Others were not numbered, but can be placed–with a reasonable degree of confidence–by their contents into an organized series, Lecture 1 through Lecture 14. Lecture 10–likely on the Epistles of the New Testament–is missing, and the manuscript for Lecture 13, “the Bible as a Whole,” is only an outline, not a full text as the other lectures are. I have added a Bibliography, “Lecture 15,” that gathers together all of the references that Davis used in the lectures. I have also added an Appendix, “Lecture 16,” of the few somewhat random remaining manuscripts that concern the origin and history of the Bible.

Here is a short table of contents:


Here is a more detailed table of contents: