Lecture XVI: Appendix: Additional Materials

Once the various lecture manuscripts and additional manuscripts that clearly could–or did–connect with these lectures were taken care, there were six remaining manuscripts. I assemble them here. They are not part of the lectures, but they do add some information on the “origin and history of the Bible.”

They include:
(1) “Outline of Talk on Bible.”
(2) List of people at the November 21, 1950 talk–item #1.
(3) “Second Evening. November 28, 1950.” Another outline.
(4) “Notes on Third Evening of Bible Study.” Another outline, likely for December 6, 1950.
(5) “Lesson 2: Peter Waldo.” Unfortunately, no other lessons available. No date.
(6) “List of Gospels.”

16Lecture16OriginsOfTheBible1916Transcribed OutlineOfTalkOnBible November21_1950 SecondEvening_Nov28_1950 NotesThirdEveningBibleStudy Lesson2 ListOfGospels