To Alaska, We Go!

The British Columbia Field contingent, including John Baker, Richard King, Kendall Lunn, and Max Nyquist depart to make many, many crosses and explore some new sites. On May 31, John, Kendall and Max will continue north to Alaska, with others … Continue reading

Graham’s Thesis Defense!

Graham Hegeman successfully defended his masters thesis on the life history of the fourspine stickleback. Very excellent! He is now heading off for the St. John’s Upper School in Houston Texas where he will teach biology. Congratulations Graham!

A Great Day!

Melissa Graham received the very prestigious George W. Barlow research grant from the Animal Behavior Society and Sade McFadden received a Charles H. Turner award, also from ABS, covering her costs to present a poster at the annual meeting in … Continue reading

Mussel Madness!

My first introduction to Margaritifera margaritifera, the freshwater pearl mussel, occurred during a stream site visit in the Spring of 2010. Brittany Laginhas (’10), a senior at the time, planned to conduct Masters research on the population distribution and habitat … Continue reading

A New Start

At long last, we’ve arrived in Alaska! Our weary crew has assembled from all parts of the globe (okay, several stateside locations) to study the threespine stickleback. The flight into Anchorage from Seattle is beautiful, especially because sun was still … Continue reading

Zombie Fish!

One of the most fascinating aspects of threespine stickleback biology I have learned about while here in Alaska is the parasitism of our wild-caught fish by Schistocephalus solidus. As I mentioned before, Dr. David Heins of Tulane University studies this … Continue reading

News from the Laboratory

Fifth-year master’s student Rachel Chock successfully defended her thesis titled “Re-emergence of ancestral plasticity and the loss of a rare limnetic phenotype in an Alaskan population of threespine stickleback,” and walked in commencement ceremonies May 18. Rachel studied the effects of human-induced … Continue reading

News from the Laboratory

PhD student Justin Golub has won two prestigious awards to support his work with Susan Foster and John Baker. One award was $1,500 from the American Museum of Natural History Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Grant. The AMNH Roosevelt grant is designed to aid graduate research … Continue reading

News from the Laboratory

Prof. Susan Foster has been appointed to the newly established Warren Litsky Endowed Chair in Biology. This chair is established through a bequest gift from the estate of Warren Litsky, who graduated from Clark University in 1945. Susan joined the Clark University … Continue reading

On the Road Again

As the title clearly states, another day of driving. Nothing terribly exciting until the end of the day when we left our Hidden Lake campsite and moved down to Ninilchik in order to trap farther south. – Rachel

News from the Laboratory

The NESCent working group, spearheaded by Dr. David Lahti at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and co-organized by Susan, has been encouraged to submit a review manuscript to Nature on the topic of Relaxed Selection and Trait Loss: Patterns and Processes. As David indicated in transmitting this … Continue reading

News from the Laboratory

A large laboratory contingent attended the Animal Behavior meeting in Burlington, Vermont. Susan, Justin and Matt presented papers. Rachel presented a poster with support from a Charles Henry Turner Award from the Animal Behavior Society. Katherine Shaw (visiting student scholar … Continue reading

News from the Laboratory

The Great Departure month. Susan, Brendan, Dianne, Karyn and Rachel fly to British Columbia where they are joined by Natasha Kelly, a graduate student at Yale University, and Mickey Rowe, a collaborator on vision/color research from the University of California … Continue reading