Gabriela Jijon Nemalceff (’14) Fifth Year Masters

Gabriella Jijon

This is my second year as a graduate student at Clark. I am doing my MS in Biology. As an undergraduate at Clark, I took two semesters of directed study courses with Dr. John Baker. In these courses, I had the chance to take an in-depth look at many topics on stream systems and riparian forests. The topics that I found the most interesting were the role of riparian forests on stream system health and stream-riparian fluxes.

My Master’s Thesis is designed to assess aquatic macroinvertebrate community structure and function among reaches with three different riparian vegetation types in the East Branch Swift River in Petersham, MA. For my Thesis, I’ve done two summers of macroinvertebrate collection and spent over a year sorting and identifying my samples. I’m currently analyzing my data and writing my thesis.

Other Activities

Outside of the lab, I like to spend time at the swimming pool and do outdoors activities. I was part of Clark’s Varsity Swimming and Diving Team, and I’m currently the assistant coach of the same team. I have been swimming for over 15 years.  I also enjoy horseback riding and hiking trips.


  • Geller Award Recipient, Clark University 2014
  • Global Scholars Program Stipend 2013
  • LEEP Pioneer, Clark University 2013

Maurine Milburn Fellowship Award, Clark University 2013