Author: James Henderson

A major grant from the John Templeton Foundation to study the Extended Evolutionary Synthesis was announced. As part of this remarkable $8 million award headed by Kevin Laland and Tobias Uller, $850,000 comes to our lab for research on the …

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Melissa learned she has been awarded one of 10 American Society of Naturalists student research awards. A really remarkable accomplishment. Congratulations!

Gaby successfully defended her masters thesis on macroinvertebrates in Massachusetts streams. She will return to a position in her home Ecuador and we will miss her very much. Best of luck, Gaby!

Briana defended her masters thesis exploring the effects of maternal stress upon fry behavior in stickleback and is heading for a conservation internship in Minnesota. Well done!

Miguel successfully defended his PhD dissertation, and Becca her masters. Big congratulations to both!

Rich successfully defended his PhD dissertation with great success- a very exciting event!

Miguel’s second dissertation chapter, presented at the Stickleback Conference earlier in the year, is accepted for publication in Evolutionary Ecology Research. Go Miguel!

Miguel just learned that the his first dissertation chapter has been accepted by the journal Ecology of Freshwater Fish. Congratulations Miguel!

Miguel travels to the SICB meeting in Portland Oregon where he presents a paper on his dissertation research.

John and Susan travel to a workshop on “Improving Inference in Evolutionary Biology and Ecology” in Charlottesville, Virginia at The Center for Open Science. Funded by the National Science Foundation and the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, this was a …

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The 8th International Conference on Stickleback Behavior and Evolution concludes at Stony Brook New York. John presented a plenary address in honor of Bob Wootton, Susan and Miguel gave spoken presentations and posters were presented by Ryan, Sade, Max, and …

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The Animal Behavior meeting ends following successful presentation of four posters, and substantial field work in Alaska. Now for the infinitely pleasurable red-eyes!

The British Columbia Field contingent, including John Baker, Richard King, Kendall Lunn, and Max Nyquist depart to make many, many crosses and explore some new sites. On May 31, John, Kendall and Max will continue north to Alaska, with others …

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Laura successfully defended her masters thesis on the effect of tannins on stickleback embryo and juvenile development. Congratulations Laura!

Graham Hegeman successfully defended his masters thesis on the life history of the fourspine stickleback. Very excellent! He is now heading off for the St. John’s Upper School in Houston Texas where he will teach biology. Congratulations Graham!

Melissa Graham received the very prestigious George W. Barlow research grant from the Animal Behavior Society and Sade McFadden received a Charles H. Turner award, also from ABS, covering her costs to present a poster at the annual meeting in …

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