Kathleen Mazza

MazzaI became interested in working with stickleback after taking Animal Behavior with Professor Foster. I never would have guessed that fish could be so interesting from a behavior standpoint! My current research project is essentially an extension of the project I started in that class. I am currently looking at paternal males’ reactions to cannibalistic foraging groups in two different populations. The preliminary results have been very interesting so far and last summer I was given the opportunity to share my results at the Animal Behavior Society’s annual meeting. It was really an amazing experience to be one of the few undergrads at such a huge event. Being at Clark has given me many wonderful opportunities to explore my many interests in the field of biology. Last semester I was doing field research at the biological station in Bermuda on the distribution of interstitial invertebrates as a part of the class Ecology of Atlantic Shores. It was much different than working with stickleback and was also a fun and rewarding experience.

Animal Behavior Society Turner Award, summer 2008