News from the Laboratory

Prof. Susan Foster has been appointed to the newly established Warren Litsky Endowed Chair in Biology. This chair is established through a bequest gift from the estate of Warren Litsky, who graduated from Clark University in 1945. Susan joined the Clark University faculty in 1995. She was appointed chair of the department in 2005 and promoted to full professor in 2006. She is an evolutionary biologist and her research on stickleback fish is currently funded by a major grant from the National Science Foundation.

Her funded research has created wonderful opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to work in her laboratory here in Worcester as well as in the field in Alaska. Susan is a major contributor to the teaching program in biology and the new environmental science major. She also was a leader in the university’s successful Keck grant proposal to redesign biology courses around an inquiry-based pedagogy. Currently she serves the university as chair of the faculty Planning and Budget Review Committee. Read more about Susan