Tina Vo (’16)


I was interested in the Foster/Baker lab as I had heard so much about the threespine stickleback fish throughout my biology courses here at Clark University. I wanted to delve into the research more hoping to discover new knowledge, learn further biological research skills, and challenge myself.

I then began volunteering in the Foster/Baker lab during the summer before my junior year assisting with research on the effect of stress on hormones in a female stickleback’s ovulation cycle. I became more involved with this research the summer before my senior year. We also began to examine how stress affected brain gene expression involved in the hypothalamic-pituitary-interrenal axis of female stickleback. I look forward to forming my own study of interest during my fifth year master’s research program.

I hope to continue on to a nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant program after I graduate from Clark. I want to get involved in family care so I can work with children, adults, and the elderly. As a child I had always wanted to be in the medical profession. I want to help individuals understand their bodies and health so they can use that knowledge and motivation to improve their lives.

Outside of the lab:

During my free time I like to strength train. I enjoy it the most when I go with my friends because we all push each other to be better. I also work at the Hahnemann Family Health Center in Worcester as a medical scribe. I typically go into health visits with the physician and patient to document the medical interaction. I really enjoy scribing since I get to learn and observe about medicine directly.


Lise Anne and Leo E. Beavers, II Fellowship, 2015