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Evaluating conflict surrounding mineral extraction in Ghana: Assessing the spatial interactions of large and small-scale mining

| By K Patel, J.Rogan, N. Cuba, A. Bebbington | Published by The Extractive Industries and Society, April 2016, Vol.3(2), pp.450-463 | Summary: Since implementation of its Economic Recovery Program in 1983, Ghana’s extractive industries have come to account for 40% of the total value of the country’s exports. An adverse impact of this increase, […]

Extractive industries, livelihoods and natural resource competition: mapping overlapping claims in Peru and Ghana

| By N. Cuba, A. Bebbington, J. Rogan, M. Millones | Published by Applied Geography, 54: 250-261 | Abstract: Taking the cases of Perú and Ghana, this paper examines overlaps between the extraction of minerals, oil and gas on the one hand, and river basins, agricultural land use, and protected areas on the other hand. In […]

Conflict translates social and environmental risk into business costs

| By D. Franks, R. Davis, A. Bebbington, S. Ali, D. Kemp, M. Scurrah | Published by  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. May 27;111(21):7576-81 | | Full text | Sustainability science has grown as a field of inquiry, but has said little about the role of large-scale private sector actors in socio-ecological systems change. […]

Industrias extractivas, conflicto social y dinámicas institucionales en la región andina

| Edited by Anthony Bebbington | Published by Instituto de Estudios Peruanos (modified and extended version of Routledge book, 2012), Lima | Official webpage La expansión de las industrias extractivas en América Latina, especialmente en la región andina y amazónica, está transformando a gran escala a las sociedades, economías y territorios en los que viene ocurriendo. […]

Post-what? Extractive industries, narratives of development and socio-environmental disputes across the (ostensibly changing) Andean region

| By D. Humphreys Bebbington and A. Bebbington | Published in New Political Spaces in Latin American Natural Resource Governance. Edited by H. Haarstad. Oxford: Palgrave Macmillan. | Abstract: Lima, 2011: A colleague begins a postgraduate seminar on extractive industries by presenting students, drawn from across Latin America, with a series of quotations on the relationships between […]

Anatomies of Conflict: Social Mobilization and New Political Ecologies of the Andes

| By A. Bebbington, D. Humphreys Bebbington, J. Bury, L. Hinojosa and M.L. Burneo | Published in Subterranean Struggles: New Dynamics of Mining, Oil and Gas in Latin America. Edited by A. Bebbington and J. Bury. Austin: University of Texas Press. | Excerpt: In this chapter, we discuss findings from a large-­scale comparative research program studying […]