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Governing natural resources for inclusive development

| By Anthony Bebbington | Published in The Politics of Inclusive Development: Interrogating the Evidence, pp. 86-115. Edited by S. Hickey, K. Sen, B. Bukenya. Oxford: Oxford University Press. | Abstract: This chapter addresses institutional and political relationships that govern the interactions between natural resource extraction, economy and society with a focus on the mining and […]

Changes in Land-Use Governance in an Urban Era

| By Gentry, B., Sikor, T., Auld, G. Bebbington, A., Benjaminsen, T., Hunsberger, C., Izac, A-M., Margulis, M, Plieninger, T., Schroeder, H. and Upton, C. | Published in Rethinking Global Land Use in an Urban Era. Edited by K. Seto and A. Reenburg. Cambridge: MIT Press (Ernst Strungmann Forum Series). | Abstract: Land use is being fundamentally […]

Global land governance: from territory to flow?

| By T. Sikor, G. Auld, A.J. Bebbington, T. Benjaminsen, B.S. Gentry, C. Hunsberger, A-M Izac, M.E. Margulis, T. Plieninger, H. Schroeder and C. Upton | Published by Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, 5:1-6 | Abstract: This article reviews recent research on contemporary transformations of global land governance. It shows how changes in global governance have facilitated […]

Natural resource extraction and the possibilities of inclusive development: politics across space and time

| By Anthony Bebbington | ESID Working Papers No. 21. Manchester: Effective States and Inclusive Development | | Full text | This paper addresses institutional and political relationships that govern the interactions between natural resource extraction, economy and society with a focus on the mining and hydrocarbon sectors. These relationships help define the implications of […]

Evaluating the effects of common-pool resource institutions and market forces on species richness and forest cover in Ecuadorian indigenous Kichwa communities

| By J. Oldekop, A. Bebbington, K. Hennermann, J. McMorrow, D.A. Springate, B. Torres, N.Truelove, N. Tysklind, S. Villamarín and R. Preziosi | Published by Conversation Letters | Abstract: We compare conservation outcomes between a protected area (PA) and four indigenous common-property regimes (CPRs) under differing degrees of market integration in the Ecuadorian Amazon. We first assess […]

Formación de territorios bajo la expansión de la industria del gas en Tarija, Bolivia

| By Hinojosa, L.; Chumacero, J.P.; Cortez, G. y Bebbington, A. | Published in De Yucatán a Chiloé: Dinámicas territoriales rurales en América Latina. Edited by J. Berdegué y F. Modrego. Buenos Aires: Editorial Teseo. | Abstract: How is rural development achieved in contexts where the national development strategy is dominated by the extraction of natural resources? Based on […]

Underground political ecologies

| By Anthony Bebbington | Published by Geoforum  43(6): 1152-1162 | Reprinted in German in 2013, in Peripherie 132: 402-424 (Berlin) | Abstract: Based on the 2011 Annual Cultural and Political Ecology Specialty Group Lecture, this paper makes the case for a political ecology of the subsoil. Arguing that subsoil resources have received comparatively little attention within […]

Social Policy and State Revenues in Mineral Rich Contexts

| By Hinojosa, L., Bebbington, A. and Barrientos, A. | Published in Mineral Rents and the Financing of Social Policy: Opportunities and Challenges, pp. 91-121. Edited by K. Hujo. New York: Palgrave Macmillan. | Excerpt: At the time of writing it seemed that the different impacts and implications of the recent economic crisis — which occurred mostly […]

Decentring poverty, reworking government: movements and states in the government of poverty

| By A Bebbington, D. Mitlin, J. Mogaladi, M. Scurrah, C. Bielich | Published in Journal of Development Studies 46(7):1304-1326 |  | Full text | Abstract: The significance of social movements for pro-poor political and social change is widely acknowledged. Poverty reduction has assumed increasing significance within development debates, discourses and programmes – how do social movement […]

Social Policy and State Revenues in Mineral-Rich Contexts

| By L. Hinojosa, A. Bebbington, A. Barrientos, A. Addison. | UNRISD Social Policy and Development Programme Paper No. 44, September 2010. United Nations Research Institute for Social Development: Geneva. | | Official webpage and full text | Summary: The expansion of extractive industries in developing countries, dominated by large investments, has produced divided opinion and […]