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Explaining spatial diversity in Latin American rural development: structures, institutions and coalitions

| By J. Berdegué, J. Escobal, A. Bebbington | Published by World Development, 73: 129-137 | | Full text (PDF) || Abstract: This article summarizes the results of a research program conducted in 11 Latin America countries, addressing two questions: (1) what factors determine territorial development dynamics that lead to economic growth, poverty reduction, and improved […]

Gas and development: Rural Territorial Dynamics in Tarija, Bolivia

| By L.Hinojosa, A. Bebbington, G. Cortez, J.P.Chumacero, D. Humphreys Bebbington, K.Hennermann | Published by World Development, 73: 105-117 | | Full text (PDF) | Summary: Framed by concepts of territorial project, social coalitions, and scalar relationships, we analyze rural territorial dynamics under conditions of rapid expansion in natural gas extraction. Analyzing recent economic, political, and […]

Global land governance: from territory to flow?

| By T. Sikor, G. Auld, A.J. Bebbington, T. Benjaminsen, B.S. Gentry, C. Hunsberger, A-M Izac, M.E. Margulis, T. Plieninger, H. Schroeder and C. Upton | Published by Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, 5:1-6 | Abstract: This article reviews recent research on contemporary transformations of global land governance. It shows how changes in global governance have facilitated […]

Territorios en Movimiento: Dinámicas Territoriales Rurales en América Latina

| Por Julio A. Berdegué, Anthony Bebbington, Javier Escobal, Arilson Favareto, M. Ignacia Fernández, Pablo Ospina, Helle Munk Ravnborg, Francisco Aguirre, Manuel Chiriboga, Ileana Gómez, Ligia Gómez, Félix Modrego, Susan Paulson, Eduardo Ramírez, Alexander Schejtman, y Carolina Trivelli | Documento de Trabajo No. 110. Santiago: Rimisp. |\ | Full text text (PDF) | Extracto: La aspiración de […]


| Por L. Hinojosa, J.P. Pablo Chumacero, G. Cortez, y A. Bebbington | Publicado en Gas y Desarrollo: Dinámicas territoriales rurales en Tarija – Bolivia, pp. 237-242. Editado por L. Hinojosa (ed). La Paz: Fundación Tierra y CERDET. | Full text (PDF) | Extracto: Desde inicios de la década de 2000, las dinámicas territoriales observadas […]

Dinámicas territoriales rurales y formación de territorios asociadas a la industria del gas en Tarija, Bolivia

| Por L. Hinojosa, J.P. Pablo Chumacero, G. Cortez, y A. Bebbington | Publicado en Gas y Desarrollo: Dinámicas territoriales rurales en Tarija – Bolivia, pp. 26-41. Editado por L. Hinojosa. La Paz: Fundación Tierra y CERDET. | | Texto completo (PDF) | Extracto: ¿Cómo se hace desarrollo territorial rural?, ¿Qué explica que unos territorios sean dinámicos mientras otros […]

Extracción, territorio e inequidades: El gas en el Chaco boliviano

| PorHumphreys Bebbington, D. y Bebbington, A. | Ecuador Debate, vol. 79: 83-104 | | View in English | Resumen: La extracción del gas en el chaco boliviano permite analizar el conjunto de relaciones que se establecen entre la extracción, el territorio y la desigualdad. La actividad hidrocarburífera produce relaciones conflictivas entre el Estado, las empresas transnacionales, las […]

Extraction, territory and inequalities: gas in the Bolivian Chaco

| By D. Humphreys Bebbington and A. Bebbington | Published in Canadian Journal of Development Studies, 30(1-2): 259-280 | | Full text (PDF) | Lea en español | Abstracts: Conflicts over extractive industry have emerged as one of the most visible and potentially explosive terrains forstruggles over distribution, territory, and inequality in the Andes. We explore […]

Social movements and the dynamics of rural territorial development in Latin America

| By A.Bebbington, R. Abramovay, M. Chiriboga | Published in World Development, 36(12): 2874-2887 | Summary: This special section brings together 4 of the 12 studies conducted within a research program analyzing the relationships among social mobilization, governance, and rural development in contemporary Latin America. The introduction gives an overview of the contemporary significance of social […]