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Mining and Climate Change: A Review and Framework for Analysis

| By Scott D. Odell, Anthony Bebbington, and Karen E. Frey | Published by The Extractive Industries and Society, January 2018, Vol.5(1) pp. 201-14 | Permanent link to article Summary: In this paper, we demonstrate that climate change is critically important for the current and future status of mining activity and its impacts on surrounding communities and […]

Political ecologies of resource extraction: agendas pendientes

| By A. Bebbington | Published by European Review of Latin American and Caribbean Studies, 100: 85-98 | | Official webpage and full text | Summary: Research related to extractive industries has grown significantly over the last decade. As the commodities boom appears to be winding down, this article outlines areas for potential future research. Emphasis is placed […]

Mining, risk and climate resilience in the ‘other’ Pacific: Latin American lessons for the South Pacific

| By A. Bebbington, J.Bury, N.Cuba, J.Rogan | Published by Asia Pacific Viewpoint, 56(2): 189-207 | | Full text (PDF) | Abstract: We suggest the value of considering Pacific Latin America and the South Pacific in relationship to each other in contexts of climate change and investment in extractive industry. The paper explores the interactions between extractive […]