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Evaluating conflict surrounding mineral extraction in Ghana: Assessing the spatial interactions of large and small-scale mining

| By K Patel, J.Rogan, N. Cuba, A. Bebbington | Published by The Extractive Industries and Society, April 2016, Vol.3(2), pp.450-463 | Summary: Since implementation of its Economic Recovery Program in 1983, Ghana’s extractive industries have come to account for 40% of the total value of the country’s exports. An adverse impact of this increase, […]

Conceptualising corporate community development

| By Banks, G., Scheyvens, R., McLennan, S., and Bebbington, A. | Third World Quarterly,  01 February 2016, Vol.37(2), p.245-263 | | Full text (PDF) | Summary: Globally there is an increasing focus on the private sector as a significant development actor. One element of the private sector’s role emphasised within this new focus has been corporate social […]

A Hundred Key Questions for the Post-2015 Development Agenda

| By J. Oldekop, L. Fontana, J.Grugel and 42 other authors including A. Bebbington | Published by Development Policy Research, 34(1): 55-82 | Summary: The Sustainable Development Goals (s) herald a new phase for international development. This article presents the results of a consultative exercise to collaboratively identify 100 research questions of critical importance for the […]

Trampas territoriales de pobreza, desigualdad y baja movilidad social: Los casos de Chile, México, y Perú

| Por Anthony Bebbington, Javier Escobal, Isidro Soloaga, y Andrés Tomaselli | Publicado por Rimisp, Universidad Iberoamericana, Centro de Estudios Espinosa Yglesias | Texto completo (PDF)  Este libro es un aporte a la discusión de las desigualdades territoriales. Tomando los casos de Chile, México y Perú se presenta nueva evidencia sobre los patrones de desarrollo de nuestras sociedades, […]