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Industrias extractivas, conflicto social y dinámicas institucionales en la región andina

| Edited by Anthony Bebbington | Published by Instituto de Estudios Peruanos (modified and extended version of Routledge book, 2012), Lima | Official webpage La expansión de las industrias extractivas en América Latina, especialmente en la región andina y amazónica, está transformando a gran escala a las sociedades, economías y territorios en los que viene ocurriendo. […]

Evaluating the effects of common-pool resource institutions and market forces on species richness and forest cover in Ecuadorian indigenous Kichwa communities

| By J. Oldekop, A. Bebbington, K. Hennermann, J. McMorrow, D.A. Springate, B. Torres, N.Truelove, N. Tysklind, S. Villamarín and R. Preziosi | Published by Conversation Letters | Abstract: We compare conservation outcomes between a protected area (PA) and four indigenous common-property regimes (CPRs) under differing degrees of market integration in the Ecuadorian Amazon. We first assess […]

Hydrocarbon Conflicts and Indigenous Peoples in the Peruvian Amazon: Mobilization and Negotiation along the Río Corrientes

| By A. Bebbington and M. Scurrah | Published in Subterranean Struggles: New Dynamics of Mining, Oil and Gas in Latin America. Edited by A. Bebbington and J.Bury. Austin: University of Texas Press. Excerpt: The Peruvian Amazon was the scene of significant mobilization and violence during the 2000s, with concerns over extractive industries at the very […]

The New Extraction? Rewriting the Political Ecology of the Andes?

| By Anthony Bebbington | Published in NACLA Report on the Americas, 42(5) September/October, pp. 12-20. | | Reprinted, 2013 in P. Vandergeest (ed.) World Geography. Pearson. | Excerpt: On June 5, two months of gathering indigenous protest across the Peruvian Amazon culminated in one of the country’s most tragic moments in many a year. Several thousand indigenous and non-indigenous […]

Peasant federations and rural development policies in the Andes

| By T. Carroll and A. Bebbington | Published in Policy Sciences, Vol 33, No 3/4, 2000: 435-457 | Abstract: This chapter focuses on a special type of structural social capital embedded in second-tier indigenous peasant federations in the Andean countries. It first examines the manifestations of this social capital and then goes on to analyze […]

Organizations and intensifications: small farmer federations, rural livelihoods and agricultural technology in the Andes and Amazonia

| By Anthony Bebbington | Published in World Development, vol. 24 (7): 1161-1178 | Abstract: This paper analyzes several experiences from Bolivia and Ecuador of how campesino and indigenous federations engage in agricultural development and natural resource management activities. It is argued that the federations may have especially important roles to play in agricultural and livelihood intensification. […]

Modernization from below: An alternative indigenous development?

| By Anthony Bebbington | Published in Economic Geography Vol. 69 Number 3: 274-292 | | Reprinted in S. Corbridge (ed.) Development: Critical Essays in Human Geography. Aldershot. Ashgate | Abstract: This paper compares conceptions of “indigenous agriculture” and alternative agricultural development as used by academics with approaches to agricultural development taken by Indian federations […]

Fragile lands, fragile organisations: Indian organisations and the politics of sustainability in Ecuador

| By A. Bebbington, H.Carrasco, L.Peralbo, G.Ramón, V.H. Torres and J.Trujillo | Published in Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers, Volume 18 Number 2: 179-196 | Abstract: Recent discussions of resource management suggest that one of the most important factors in sustaining use systems on fragile lands is the strength of local representative institutions: rural […]