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Mining and Climate Change: A Review and Framework for Analysis

| By Scott D. Odell, Anthony Bebbington, and Karen E. Frey | Published by The Extractive Industries and Society, January 2018, Vol.5(1) pp. 201-14 | Permanent link to article Summary: In this paper, we demonstrate that climate change is critically important for the current and future status of mining activity and its impacts on surrounding communities and […]

Trampas territoriales de pobreza, desigualdad y baja movilidad social: Los casos de Chile, México, y Perú

| Por Anthony Bebbington, Javier Escobal, Isidro Soloaga, y Andrés Tomaselli | Publicado por Rimisp, Universidad Iberoamericana, Centro de Estudios Espinosa Yglesias | Texto completo (PDF)  Este libro es un aporte a la discusión de las desigualdades territoriales. Tomando los casos de Chile, México y Perú se presenta nueva evidencia sobre los patrones de desarrollo de nuestras sociedades, […]

Extraterritorial investments, environmental crisis and collective action in Latin America

| By P. Ospina, A. Bebbington, P. Hollenstein, I. Nussbaum, E. Ramírez | Published in World Development, 73: 32-43 | | Full text (PDF) | Summary: A growing number of extraterritorial private-sector actors, often in partnership with the state, are expanding the frontiers of extractive and primary export economies to new rural territories in Latin America. This […]

Demand led and poverty oriented …. or just (semi-)privatized and efficient? Learning from privatized technology transfer programmes in Chile

| By A.Bebbington and O. Sotomayor | Published in the Journal of International Development, vol. 10 (1): 17-34 | Abstract: In the search for alternatives to state‐managed agricultural research and extension, there has been much interest in assessing the pros and cons of, and the mechanisms for, varying forms of private sector involvement. One experience of […]

New states, new NGOs? Crisis and transition among Andean rural development NGOs

| By Anthony Bebbington | Published in World Development, vol. 25 no. 11:1755-1765 | Abstract: This paper discusses the challenges faced by rural development nongovernmental organization (NGOs) in the Andes and Chile within current contexts of public sector reform and economic liberalization. These changes, and the recognition that previous NGO initiatives have had limited impacts […]