Curriculum Vitae

Anthony Bebbington is the Higgins Professor of Environment and Society at Clark University’s Graduate School of Geography. He is also a Research Associate of the Centro Peruano de Estudios Sociales, Peru and a Professorial Research Fellow at the University of Manchester. He is an elected member of the US National Academy of Sciences (2009) and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (2014), and a Fellow of the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation (2014-2015). He has also been a Professorial Research Fellow of the UK’s Economic and Social Research Council (2007-2010), and has held fellowships from the Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences, Stanford, the Free University and Ibero-American Institute of Berlin, the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization, the Fulbright Commission, and the Inter-American Foundation. Tony’s work addresses the political ecology of rural change with a particular focus on extractive industries and socio-environmental conflicts, social movements, indigenous organizations, and livelihoods. He has worked throughout South and Central America, though primarily in Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia, and more recently in El Salvador.

His research has been funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (UK); Ford Foundation; International Development Research Centre (Canada); World Bank; National Science Foundation (through his doctoral students); British Academy; International Institute for Environment and Development (UK); and the bilateral international cooperation programs of the governments of the UK, Netherlands, Sweden, and Finland. In recent years his closest collaborations have been with Rimisp-Latin American Center for Rural Development, the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources in El Salvador, the Centro Peruano de Estudios Sociales, the Centro de Estudios Regionales de Tarija, and the University of Manchester.