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Hydrocarbon Conflicts and Indigenous Peoples in the Peruvian Amazon: Mobilization and Negotiation along the Río Corrientes

| By A. Bebbington and M. Scurrah | Published in Subterranean Struggles: New Dynamics of Mining, Oil and Gas in Latin America. Edited by A. Bebbington and J.Bury. Austin: University of Texas Press. Excerpt: The Peruvian Amazon was the scene of significant mobilization and violence during the 2000s, with concerns over extractive industries at the very […]

Testing the Accuracy of Non-Experts in Biodiversity Monitoring Exercises using Fern Species Richness in the Ecuadorian Amazon

| By J. Oldekop, A. Bebbington, F. Berdel, N. Truelove, T. Wiersberg, R. Preziosi | Published in Biodiversity and Conservation 20(12): 2615-2626 | Abstract: Assessing environmental change is often constrained by time, money and expertise. Community-based monitoring schemes attempt to address these limitations by providing local communities with the skills to measure changes in natural […]

An Andean Avatar: Post-neoliberal and neoliberal strategies for securing the unobtainable

| By A Bebbington and D. Humphreys Bebbington | Published in  New Political Economy 15(4): 131-145 | | Full text | Abstract: Recent years have seen increasingly aggressive expansion of extractive industry in the Andean-Amazonian region. Reminiscent of the film Avatar, this expansion drives conflicts over land, territory and political control of space. This expansion is […]

Anatomy of a Regional Conflict: Tarija and Resource Grievances in Morales’ Bolivia

| By D. Humphreys Bebbington and A. Bebbington | Published in Latin American Perspectives, vol. 37 no. 4 140-160 | | Full text | Abstract: In 2008, the Department of Tarija became the epicenter of national political struggles over political autonomy for lowland regions at odds with the Morales administration. In September, following a series of regional […]