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Mapping licit and illicit mining activity in the Madre de Dios region of Peru

| A. Elmes, J.G. Yarlequé Ipanaqué, J. Rogan, N.Cuba, A. Bebbington | Published by Remote Sensing Letters 5(10): 882-891. | Since the early 2000s, the Madre de Dios Region of southern Peru has experienced rapid expansion of both licit and illicit mining activities, in the form of artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM). ASM typically takes […]

Extractive industries, livelihoods and natural resource competition: mapping overlapping claims in Peru and Ghana

| By N. Cuba, A. Bebbington, J. Rogan, M. Millones | Published by Applied Geography, 54: 250-261 | Abstract: Taking the cases of Perú and Ghana, this paper examines overlaps between the extraction of minerals, oil and gas on the one hand, and river basins, agricultural land use, and protected areas on the other hand. In […]

Visualizing competing claims on resources: Approaches from extractive industries research

| Edited by A. Bebbington, N. Cuba, and J.Rogan | Special issue of Applied Geography 54: 235-284 | | View this issue (limited access) | In 2013, we issued a call for papers for a session at the annual meetings of the Association of American Geographers that would bring together geographers who had experimented with […]

Changes in Land-Use Governance in an Urban Era

| By Gentry, B., Sikor, T., Auld, G. Bebbington, A., Benjaminsen, T., Hunsberger, C., Izac, A-M., Margulis, M, Plieninger, T., Schroeder, H. and Upton, C. | Published in Rethinking Global Land Use in an Urban Era. Edited by K. Seto and A. Reenburg. Cambridge: MIT Press (Ernst Strungmann Forum Series). | Abstract: Land use is being fundamentally […]

Conflict translates social and environmental risk into business costs

| By D. Franks, R. Davis, A. Bebbington, S. Ali, D. Kemp, M. Scurrah | Published by  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. May 27;111(21):7576-81 | | Full text | Sustainability science has grown as a field of inquiry, but has said little about the role of large-scale private sector actors in socio-ecological systems change. […]