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Transnational development networks

| By A. Bebbington and U. Kothari | Published in Environment and Planning A 38(5): 849-866 | Abstract: Development is embedded in networks that extend across space and time. These networks–maintained, reworked, and given meaning through the practices of the actors who constitute them–bring together assemblages of institutions, knowledges, and commitments that make possible and shape the ways […]

Practice, power and meaning: frameworks for studying organisational culture in multi-agency rural development projects

| By D. Lewis, A. Bebbington, S. Batterbury, A. Shah, E. Olson, M. S. Siddiqi and S. Duvall | Published in the Journal of International Development, 15: 541-557 | Abstract: Culture has received increasing attention in critical development studies, though the notion that there are important cultural differences within and between development organisations has received less […]

Sustaining the Andes: social capital and rural regeneration in Bolivia

|By Anthony Bebbington | Mountain Research and Development, Vol. 18(2):173-181 | Abstract: This paper extends debates about social capital to an analysis of the role of local institutions in establishing environmentally-sustainable development in the Bolivian Andes. Currently, neo-liberal orthodoxies assume an Andean environmental crisis without acknowledging that local adaptation by local inhabitants may reduce exposure to risk, and […]

Organizations and intensifications: small farmer federations, rural livelihoods and agricultural technology in the Andes and Amazonia

| By Anthony Bebbington | Published in World Development, vol. 24 (7): 1161-1178 | Abstract: This paper analyzes several experiences from Bolivia and Ecuador of how campesino and indigenous federations engage in agricultural development and natural resource management activities. It is argued that the federations may have especially important roles to play in agricultural and livelihood intensification. […]