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Transnational development networks

| By A. Bebbington and U. Kothari | Published in Environment and Planning A 38(5): 849-866 | Abstract: Development is embedded in networks that extend across space and time. These networks–maintained, reworked, and given meaning through the practices of the actors who constitute them–bring together assemblages of institutions, knowledges, and commitments that make possible and shape the ways […]

The search for empowerment: Social capital as idea and practice at the World Bank

| Edited by A Bebbington, M. Woolcock, S. Guggenheim, and E. Olson | Published by Kumarian, West Hartford | The contributors to this collection examine the vast bureaucracy of the World Bank and explore the possibilities of internally generated change. The book focuses on the debates within the Bank about the efficacy of social capital […]

Local capacity, village governance and the political economy of rural development in Indonesia

| By A. Bebbington, L. Dharmawan, E. Farmi, and S. Guggenheim | Published in World Development 34(11): 1958-1976 | | Full text (PDF) | Abstract: This paper develops a framework for conceptualizing local capacity to address village level livelihood and governance problems. The framework is based on an analysis of asset distribution, combined with an explicit […]

Los espacios públicos de concertación local y sus límites en un municipio indígena: Guamote, Ecuador

| Por Anthony Bebbington | Publicado en Debate Agrario 40/41:381-404 | El cantón de Guamote, ubicado en la Sierra Central del Ecuador y con una población en 1999 de 33,456, 90% indígena (INEC, citado en Ramirez, 2001), fue – hasta los años 70 y aún los 80 – uno de los núcleos de mayor abuso de […]

El desarrollo de base y los espacios públicos de concertación local en América Latina

| By A. Bebbington, G. Delamaza y R. Villar | Published in Debate Agrario 40/41: 299-324 | (Reprinted in C. Filgueiras and C. de Faria (eds.) 2008 Governo local e políticas urbana e social na América do Sul. Belo Horizonte. Editora PUC Minas, Brazil) Introducción: En su búsqueda por aportar a la disminución de la […]