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Village politics, culture and community driven development: insights from Indonesia

| By A. Bebbington, L. Dharmawan, E. Farmi and S. Guggenheim | Published in Progress in Development Studies 4(3): 1-19 | Abstract: Local governance arrangements often reflect culturally charged struggles for power as well as culturally motivated efforts to gain access to power. Yet current discussions around community-driven and decentralized development pay little attention to this […]

Practice, power and meaning: frameworks for studying organisational culture in multi-agency rural development projects

| By D. Lewis, A. Bebbington, S. Batterbury, A. Shah, E. Olson, M. S. Siddiqi and S. Duvall | Published in the Journal of International Development, 15: 541-557 | Abstract: Culture has received increasing attention in critical development studies, though the notion that there are important cultural differences within and between development organisations has received less […]