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Cultivating knowledge: genetic diversity, farmer experimentation and crop research

| Edited by W. de Boef, K.Amanor, K.Wellard with A.Bebbington | Published by Intermediate Technology Publications, London | Local crop diversity in the South is being threatened by the promotion of modern “high-yield” varieties. These worldwide case studies show the importance of small-scale farmers and local communities to maintaining crop diversity.  

Reluctant partners: NGOs, the state and sustainable agricultural development

| By J. Farrington and A.J.Bebbington with K. Wellard and D. Lewis | Published by Routledge, London | Official webpage and purchasing information Reluctant Partners? combines comprehensive empirical insights into NGOs’ work in agriculture with wider considerations of their relations with the State and their contribution to democratic pluralism. This overview volume for the Non-Governmental Organizations […]

From research to innovation: getting the most from interaction with NGOs in farming systems research and extension

| By J. Farrington and A. Bebbington | Published in the Journal of Farming Systems Research-Extension, vol. 4 number 1 | Introduction: Over recent years, many people have suggested that agricultural and rural development strategies would benefit from increased collaboration between government and non-governmental development organisations. Donors, in particular, have begun to call for more NGO […]

Governments, NGOs and agricultural development: perspectives on changing inter-organisational relationships

| By A.Bebbington and J. Farrington | Published in the Journal of Development Studies, Volume 29 Number 2: 199-219 | Abstract: There are divergent interests in involving NGOs in public sector programmes of agricultural development. Some commentators seek to foster popular participation through such involvement, while others view it largely within the logic of public sector […]

Modernization from below: An alternative indigenous development?

| By Anthony Bebbington | Published in Economic Geography Vol. 69 Number 3: 274-292 | | Reprinted in S. Corbridge (ed.) Development: Critical Essays in Human Geography. Aldershot. Ashgate | Abstract: This paper compares conceptions of “indigenous agriculture” and alternative agricultural development as used by academics with approaches to agricultural development taken by Indian federations […]

Fragile lands, fragile organisations: Indian organisations and the politics of sustainability in Ecuador

| By A. Bebbington, H.Carrasco, L.Peralbo, G.Ramón, V.H. Torres and J.Trujillo | Published in Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers, Volume 18 Number 2: 179-196 | Abstract: Recent discussions of resource management suggest that one of the most important factors in sustaining use systems on fragile lands is the strength of local representative institutions: rural […]