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Organizations and intensifications: small farmer federations, rural livelihoods and agricultural technology in the Andes and Amazonia

| By Anthony Bebbington | Published in World Development, vol. 24 (7): 1161-1178 | Abstract: This paper analyzes several experiences from Bolivia and Ecuador of how campesino and indigenous federations engage in agricultural development and natural resource management activities. It is argued that the federations may have especially important roles to play in agricultural and livelihood intensification. […]

Technology and rural development strategies in a small farmer organization: lessons from Bolivia for rural policy and practice

| By A.Bebbington, J. Quisbert and G. Trujillo | Published in Public Administration and Development, vol. 16(3): 195-213 | Abstract: At a time when public sector agricultural and rural development administration is changing quite profoundly, and when farmer organizations are being asked to assume more significant roles in rural and agricultural development, in‐depth analysis of […]