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Social Movements and the Dynamics of Rural Development in Latin America

| Edited by A.Bebbington, R. Abramovay, and M. Chiriboga | Special section of World Development 36(12) | Summary: This special section brings together 4 of the 12 studies conducted within a research program analyzing the relationships among social mobilization, governance, and rural development in contemporary Latin America. The introduction gives an overview of the contemporary significance […]

Of texts and practices: empowerment and organizational cultures in World Bank-funded rural development programmes

| By A. Bebbington, D. Lewis, S. Batterbury, E. Olson and S. Siddiqi | Published in Journal of Development Studies, 43(4): 597-621 | Abstract: The World Bank’s recent concern for ‘empowerment’ grows out of longer standing discussions of participation, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and civil society. While commitments to empowerment enter World Bank texts with relative ease, […]

Local capacity, village governance and the political economy of rural development in Indonesia

| By A. Bebbington, L. Dharmawan, E. Farmi, and S. Guggenheim | Published in World Development 34(11): 1958-1976 | | Full text (PDF) | Abstract: This paper develops a framework for conceptualizing local capacity to address village level livelihood and governance problems. The framework is based on an analysis of asset distribution, combined with an explicit […]

Los espacios públicos de concertación local y sus límites en un municipio indígena: Guamote, Ecuador

| Por Anthony Bebbington | Publicado en Debate Agrario 40/41:381-404 | El cantón de Guamote, ubicado en la Sierra Central del Ecuador y con una población en 1999 de 33,456, 90% indígena (INEC, citado en Ramirez, 2001), fue – hasta los años 70 y aún los 80 – uno de los núcleos de mayor abuso de […]

NGOs and uneven development: geographies of development intervention

| By Anthony Bebbington | Published in Progress in Human Geography 28(6): 725-745 | Abstract: Much research on nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) involved in international development has been case-study-based, with questions about the broader geographies of NGO intervention rarely asked. This paper explores the factors that drive such NGO geographies and considers how they relate to the uneven […]

Transnational livelihoods and landscapes: political ecologies of globalization

| By A. Bebbington and S. Batterbury | Published in Ecumene: a journal of cultural geography, Vol. 8. No. 4 pp 369-380 | Abstract: This paper introduces a collection of articles on ‘Transnational livelihoods and landscapes’. We outline the analytical value of grounding political ecologies of globalization in notions of livelihood, scale, place and network. This requires an […]

Social capital, development and access to resources in highland Ecuador

| By A. Bebbington and T. Perreault | Published in Economic Geography, Vol. 75 (4): 395-418 | Abstract: Building on recent statements calling for greater emphasis on the roles of organized actors and civil society in development research, in this paper we analyze the utility of themes raised in current debates on social capital for pursuing such […]

Networking and rural development through sustainable forest management: frameworks for pluralistic approaches

| By A. Bebbington and A. Kopp | Published in Unasylva vol. 49(3): 11-18 | Summary: The sustainability of rural development initiatives (including forestry) depends greatly on the capacities of the institutions involved, the relationships among them and their relative power. Therefore a strategy to foster pluralistic approaches to rural development should focus on building […]

Demand led and poverty oriented …. or just (semi-)privatized and efficient? Learning from privatized technology transfer programmes in Chile

| By A.Bebbington and O. Sotomayor | Published in the Journal of International Development, vol. 10 (1): 17-34 | Abstract: In the search for alternatives to state‐managed agricultural research and extension, there has been much interest in assessing the pros and cons of, and the mechanisms for, varying forms of private sector involvement. One experience of […]

New states, new NGOs? Crisis and transition among Andean rural development NGOs

| By Anthony Bebbington | Published in World Development, vol. 25 no. 11:1755-1765 | Abstract: This paper discusses the challenges faced by rural development nongovernmental organization (NGOs) in the Andes and Chile within current contexts of public sector reform and economic liberalization. These changes, and the recognition that previous NGO initiatives have had limited impacts […]