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Growth, poverty and inequality in sub-national development: learning from Latin America’s territories

| Edited by J. Berdegué, A. Bebbington, and J. Escobal | Special Issue of World Development vol. 73 | | Full text (open access) | This special issue contains the findings from a program conducted over five years in 11 Latin America countries to answer three questions: (1) Are there rural territories that have experienced simultaneous […]

Visualizing competing claims on resources: Approaches from extractive industries research

| Edited by A. Bebbington, N. Cuba, and J.Rogan | Special issue of Applied Geography 54: 235-284 | | View this issue (limited access) | In 2013, we issued a call for papers for a session at the annual meetings of the Association of American Geographers that would bring together geographers who had experimented with […]

Political Economies of Extractive Industry: From Documenting Complexity to Informing Current Debates

| Edited by A. Bebbington, T. Bornschlegl, and A. Johnson | Special issue of Development and Change October 2013 | Summary: The literature on extractive industries has grown rapidly in recent years both because the empirical significance of resource extraction has increased and because resource extraction necessarily invokes other questions of wider purchase in development studies. […]

Social Movements and the Dynamics of Rural Development in Latin America

| Edited by A.Bebbington, R. Abramovay, and M. Chiriboga | Special section of World Development 36(12) | Summary: This special section brings together 4 of the 12 studies conducted within a research program analyzing the relationships among social mobilization, governance, and rural development in contemporary Latin America. The introduction gives an overview of the contemporary significance […]

Environmental histories, access to resources and landscape change

| Edited by S. Batterbury and A. Bebbington | Special issue of Land Degradation and Development, vol. 10 No. 4 | | Full text (limited access) | Summary: This special issue poses challenges to the ways in which the multiple dimensions of resource degradation are understood, analyzed and acted upon in developing countries