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Explaining spatial diversity in Latin American rural development: structures, institutions and coalitions

| By J. Berdegué, J. Escobal, A. Bebbington | Published by World Development, 73: 129-137 | | Full text (PDF) || Abstract: This article summarizes the results of a research program conducted in 11 Latin America countries, addressing two questions: (1) what factors determine territorial development dynamics that lead to economic growth, poverty reduction, and improved […]

Governing natural resources for inclusive development

| By Anthony Bebbington | Published in The Politics of Inclusive Development: Interrogating the Evidence, pp. 86-115. Edited by S. Hickey, K. Sen, B. Bukenya. Oxford: Oxford University Press. | Abstract: This chapter addresses institutional and political relationships that govern the interactions between natural resource extraction, economy and society with a focus on the mining and […]