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Development alternatives: practice, dilemmas and theory

| By A. Bebbington and D. Bebbington | Published in Area, Vol. 33 No. 1: 7-17 | | Reprinted in William Moseley, David Lanegran and Kavita Pandit (eds.) The Introductory Reader in Human Geography: Contemporary Debates and Classic Writings. Oxford. Blackwell Press, pp. 309-318. | Abstract: This paper argues that much scholarly work on civil society and […]

Reinventing NGOs and rethinking alternatives in the Andes

| By Anthony Bebbington | Annals of the American Academy of Social and Political Sciences 554, 117-135 | Abstract: Many Latin American nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) emerged as part of a movement committed to the idea of an alternative development that would differ from the dominant exclusionary, top-down, and often repressive forms of development. Yet today, after […]