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Could we borrow a moment of your time and a quart jar of fish?

Dear Alaskans, Though we may not be your typical neighbor, stopping by to request a cup of sugar, we mean no harm.  You see, gaining access to lakes is a peculiar business for us, since many are private with no

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Stickleback do not make nests in sand-filled plastic dishes!

Live, wild, behavior-doing stickles! We stopped at Rabbit Slough (an anadromous population we keep “stocked” in the lab), just to take a quick look, and there they were!  John spotted them in a flash.  My first thought was these fish are huge and make

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Up and Away: Journey to Alaska

5/28 After catching three flights, one only by running through the Chicago airport, and 15 hours of travel, I was caught off guard by one of the most stunning views I have ever seen.  I may just be saying most

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