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Knowledge generation for poverty reduction within donor organizations

| By A. Bebbington and A. Barrientos | Global Poverty Research Group Working Paper 23. Oxford: GPRG. | | Full text (PDF) | The Millennium Development Goals have placed poverty reduction at the top of donor organisations’ list of priorities. Failure to achieve the MDGs will no doubt place the spotlight on their financial commitments to poverty reduction, […]

Donor-NGO relations and representations of livelihood in nongovernmental aid chains

| By Anthony Bebbington | Published in World Development 33(6): 937-950 | Abstract: Nongovernmental organizations have attracted growing criticism for being unrepresentative of and unaccountable to the poor people for whose well-being they claim to work. Research on Dutch and Peruvian NGOs suggests this happens in part because the chronic weakness of popular organizations makes it difficult […]

Social capital and development studies 1: critique, debate, progress?

| By Anthony Bebbington | Published in Progress in Development Studies, 4(4): 343-349 | Abstract: This is the first in a series of short notes on social capital in development studies. Departing from three recent critical interventions (Fine, 2001; Harriss, 2002; Studia Africana, 2002) this first note reflects on the nature of the debate about the concept, […]