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Geographies of development in Latin America?

| By Anthony Bebbington | Published in the Conference of Latin Americanist Geographers Yearbook, Vol 27 pp. 105-148 | Introduction: “Powerful,” “evocative,” “imprecise,” “debated”–all adjectives that might come to mind when we think of the word “development.” “Development” has been used to refer to modernization, economic growth, empowerment, the expansion of human capabilities, and change of various forms and […]

Sharp knives and blunt instruments: social capital in development studies

| By Anthony Bebbington | Antipode 34(4): 800-803 | Introduction: Social capital is a fascinating and perplexing concept—not only (and perhaps not even mainly) because of its strengths or weaknesses qua concept, but also because of the vibrancy and virulence of the debates to which its post-Putnam popularization has given rise. I have encountered and been part […]