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La sostenibilidad social de los recursos rurales: apreciaciones a partir de los conflictos mineros en Latinoamérica

| Por Anthony Bebbington | Publicado por Debate Agrario, 42: 31-78 | Reprinted in J. Schuldt, A. Acosta, A. Barandiarán, A Bebbington, M. Folchi,  CEDLA, A. Alayza y E. Gudynas, 2009. Extractivismo, Política y Sociedad.  Quito: CAAP/CLAES |  

Water and mining conflicts in Peru

| By A. Bebbington and M. Williams | Published in Mountain Research and Development 28 (3/4):190-195 | Abstract: Impacts on water quality and quantity are among the most contentious aspects of mining projects. Companies insist that the use of modern technologies will ensure environmentally friendly mining practices. However, evidence of the negative environmental impacts of past mining […]

Contention and ambiguity: Mining and the possibilities of development

| By A. Bebbington, L. Hinojosa, D. Humphreys Bebbington, M.L. Burneo, X. Warnaars | Published in Development and Change, 39(6):887-914 | | Full text (PDF) | Abstract: The last decade and a half has witnessed a dramatic growth in mining activity in many developing countries. This article reviews these recent trends and describes the debates and […]