| Editors: A. Bebbington, A. Dani, A de Haan, M. Walton | Published by The World Bank, Washington, DC |

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Bebbington - Institutional pathways - equityContents:

  • Inequalities and development: dysfunctions, traps, and transitions by Anthony J. Bebbington, Anis A. Dani, Arjan de Haan, and Michael Walton.
  • Asset inequality and agricultural growth: how are patterns of asset inequality established and reproduced? By Rachel Sabates.
  • Beneath the categories: power relations and inequalities in Uganda by Joy M. Moncrieffe.
  • Inequalities within India’s poorest regions: why do the same institutions work differently in different places? By Arjan de Haan.
  • Indigenous political voice and the struggle for recognition in Ecuador and Bolivia by Jose Antonio Lucero.
  • Cash transfers for older people reduce poverty and inequality by Armando Barrientos.
  • Mineral wealth, conflict, and equitable development by Michael L. Ross. Spain: development, democracy, and equity by Carles Boix.