| By A. Bebbington, M. Connarty, W. Coxshall, H. O’Shaughnessy, M. Williams | Published by the Peru Suppport Group, London |

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Bebbington - Mining and development in Peru

This report addresses the relationships between mining and development in Peru, focusing on a particular experience in the Northern highlands of Piura – the Rio Blanco Project, executed by Minera Majaz, a wholly owned subsidiary of the British
company Monterrico Metals. The report is the work of an independent delegation organized and coordinated by the Peru Support Group (PSG), a UK based membership organisation. The PSG’s interest in mining led it to sponsor a meeting in the Houses
of Parliament in March 2006, which showed significant disagreements between Minera Majaz and local citizens’ organisations regarding the dynamics of environment and development around the company’s
exploration activities. With the agreement of Monterrico Metals, the delegation was organized to form a third party view on these differences of opinion, and on the broader development effects of the investments and activities of this UK based company – both the effects to date, and those in the future. The case is also emblematic of broader issues in
the relationships between mining, society and development that are relevant to the operations of other British mining companies in Peru.