Without Consent

I remember the rule was never to get into a car with two guys. Never. But when you’re out there and your pimp says you can’t come home until you have a quota and it’s dead out there because police have made arrests or it’s just a dead night and you’re out there and its cold, you make desperate decisions. And I remember one night two guys pulled up and I made one get in the back seat and I sat here. I thought that doing that I would have some control over it. I’m in the passenger seat, I tell the guy where to go. He goes everywhere I go. I had a place behind a gas station; it was like a little ally behind the gas station over behind a homeless shelter. We go there and I’m going to do one and then the other and just get the money up front. I’m here and this guy wants a blowjob. I go down on him and when I come up the other guy has a gun right to my fucking head. Right to my fucking head. And I’m in this dark ally and I mean talk about fight or flight. I don’t know what I have or where it came from but I have the ability to really think on my feet, really, really quickly with situations like this. I’ve always been able to manage to get out of the situation and sometimes even fuck them up more than they thought they were gonna fuck me up. I’ve just always been able to land, just by the grace of god.