I got in a lot of cars. Before I got in, I checked out the whole situation and arrangement of the car. Obviously if I got in a car and the gentleman hits the knob for the button (lock) to go down, I would carefully and sneakily put the button back up with my hand and be very aware of what was going on. I was super paranoid of people who pressed the lock so I wouldn’t take them far. I took them nearby under a shady tree and that was that. So if the guy was a nutcase I could get out and run and get help or whatever. That was one of my things that kept me safe.

Another thing I did to prevent arguments was to get the money first. You explain what you’re going to do. What he wants. There are things I would never say. I would never say, “What are you going to spend?”. I would never say “It’s 20 for a blow job”. You could get a nut in the car who would spend 80 for a hand-job or a quickie or whatever. That was another way for me to double hustle.

If a guy gave me trouble, I would walk back to where I worked or home, but usually I didn’t have any problems. I was pretty lucky with that. I did a lot of things to keep myself safe because I knew there were a lot of drunk wackos out there especially after 2. Even today, I don’t want the lock in my car down. I always tell people I’m in the car with not to lock my door. I know it’s just stupid stuff from 1976, but I can’t allow myself to be locked in a car. Ill put a seatbelt on but don’t put my lock down. It’s like it all got mixed up in my brain.