To the Men

As for the men out there, you’re not helping. You’re hurting.
You’re hurting us because you’re making it so easy for us to stay on drugs. You’re hurting us when you make us perform acts and you’re nasty and you stink. We have to smell that because we want that drug so much that were willing to do anything for it. Sometimes its not even about drugs, sometimes its about paying your rent to keep a roof over head.

You’re driving along in your cars. You’re thinking nobody sees you. But god sees you. He knows who you are. And trust and believe me, someone else is going to inflict the pain that you inflict on that woman that you pick up in your car on to you whether you know it or not.
There should be a law. The same law they have for women should also apply to men. How could the woman perform the act if the man doesn’t stop and allow them to? They pick us up, we don’t pick them up. But it’s the woman who gets in trouble for it and not the man. He just gets a slap on the hand and then can go ahead on and pick up the next one.

I have had cops pull me over so many times. Sometimes they pull over and say “what are you doing here? Oh let me check and see if you have a warrant.” And then if I have a warrant, they say “okay lets go because you were in the wrong area.” They could see me getting in the car with a guy. And then the next thing you know, there are sirens ringing. They say, “What’s his name? Do you know his name? If you don’t know his name, why are you in the car with him? Youre under arrest.”

It seems like they just wait. They wait. They sit back and they wait and they see you make a wrong move and that’s it. The thing is that that there is no program out there for a woman who is going through prostitution. How many times do they arrest you and put you in a place where you can change your life? Where’s the help? All of these buildings going up, there is not one that says: This is for women. We’re going help them go to school. Were gonna help get some training for them. Were gonna help them turn their lives around because this is somebody’s mother.

No. Instead, they arrest you and throw you in jail. Then what? You get out and you do the same thing because that’s all you know. Thank god for those of us that got out and turned our lives around. But there’s so many millions still out there.

They sit on their tails over there in city hall and look out their windows. They look out at the park and they know its happening. Then they come out in front (of everyone) and say that they’re doing something about the problem. But year after year after year, it is the same women on the street. The same people are sitting in that park. Some make it, some die. That’s it.