Life Without a Pimp Ain’t Easy

The combat zone was starting to shut down a little bit and it was harder and harder to be out there. He had me working more escorts. Escorts were kind of different because you would get famous people. Some of them ball players that came in and played the Celtics. I remember MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice were connected to the escort service I was working for and we all got backstage passes and went out with a couple of their guy dancers. You always got a couple of these ins, these perks, for being a prostitute. But something about the street I just loved. I left him. I was in the street and I had to renegade, renegade means without a pimp. It was really hard to be out there. The pimps would really harass me. They didn’t want their girls with me. If I had a girl I became friendly with and he found her with me she might get her ass kicked because she was with me and I could be influencing her to leave him or she got her ass kicked for not bringing me home. That’s just how the whole life was. It was just crazy.