The isolation and stigmatization that sex workers face cause many workers in the industry to remain silent on public discourse that affect their safety and well-being. The criminalization and stigma associated with sex work have created stereotypes that perpetuate isolation, increase risk and ultimately distort their narrative.

This project uses oral histories and storytelling as a way to challenge misconceptions about sex work and the identities of women who have been involved in the commercial sex industry. Please explore our site to learn more about sex work and oral history research and to read participants’ stories.


Disclaimer: The  narratives included on this site reflect individual experience and do not contribute to generalizeable knowledge. These testimonies were not collected for political purpose nor do they claim to represent the experience of all former or current sex workers living and working in Worcester. These narratives also do not represent the opinions or perspectives of the researchers or organizations involved in collecting and disseminating the narratives”


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