My Boyfriend is My Pimp

I’ve done so many things for guys; boyfriends, pimps lets call them all in one in the same. I was involved with a Jamaican drug dealer at one point and I was smuggling cocaine and marijuana out of Jamaica, strapped to my body, under skirts. Literally strapped. When we talk about being trafficked you know being exploited, it’s not always just standing on the corner there was a lot of ways I put my life at risk to give to the pimp or trafficker or boyfriend. There were many connections leaving Jamaica. One of them was the person who patted you down. I remember going through this line, I had met this person the night before so I knew that was the person, but you got three people, and they’re calling people for strip searches as you’re leaving the country. And you hope the right one calls you. I’m strapped with stuff all to my body. He calls me, takes me in the room and we stand there for 30 seconds. He doesn’t strip search me because he knows he’s being paid by somebody to let me through. I made at least three or four trips form Jamaica that way.