Hannah Yore


Hannah Yore studies International Development and Social Change and Women and Gender Studies at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts. Her research interests include subaltern studies, land and labor rights, social movements, gender analysis and feminist/queer theory. She is currently in the process of incorporating “Sex Work and Storytelling” into a thesis about oral history and storytelling as feminist practice.

Hannah has a regional concentration in Latin America and the Caribbean where she conducted fieldwork between January and April of 2014. Hannah evaluated the relationship between young women’s perception of sexuality and sexual health and their use of public healthcare in Santiago, Dominican Republic. As part of this research, she conducted formal and informal interviews with public healthcare workers and young women living and working in the region of Cristo Rey Abajo. Hannah addressed reported community needs by facilitating community dialogues about women’s sexual health and developing sexual health resource guides for healthcare workers and community members. She also compiled a report and delivered a public dissemination of her findings. This research was conducted in Spanish and relied on quantitative and qualitative analysis and ethnographic field notes.

Hannah serves as a member of Clark University’s Feminist United where she facilitates dialogues, hosts speakers, and organizes events and demonstrations. She is also involved in an initiative at Clark University, to divest from the commercial sale of plastic water bottles. This work involves educating her community on the affects of water privatization and fundraising for the implementation of new water filtration systems at Clark University.


Mikayla Bobrow

mik profile

Mikayla Bobrow is a senior at Clark University studying International Development and Social Change. Her research interests include sexual and reproductive health, community development, youth work, and global health. Before beginning the Sex Workers and Storytelling project, she worked as a reproductive health educator and researcher in the Dominican Republic. She taught sexual health classes to 200 high school students and surveyed them about their knowledge on puberty, sexuality, and sexual violence both before and after the lessons.

Mikayla spearheaded a movement on Clark’s campus to reduce plastic water bottle usage on campus by winning a $7,000 grant to implement 10 water-bottle filling stations throughout campus and provide 500 reusable water bottles for students at a subsidized price. She additionally served for two-years as a Youth Mentor for Worcester’s Regional Environmental Council’s Youth GROW program, which employs at-risk youth to work on an urban farm. She facilitated discussions with youth on consensus making decision processes, peer mediation, organic farming, and healthy and sustainable eating habits while overseeing daily farm tasks.

She is currently co-president of the ONE Campaign’s Clark campus chapter, where she runs weekly meetings and organizes events to raise awareness and spark advocacy among other students in the fight against extreme poverty and preventable disease. This led to a semester in D.C. working for the campaign’s headquarters.

Mikayla speaks fluent Spanish having spent her senior year of high school in a rural Ecuadorian town as an exchange student and studying for a semester in the Dominican Republic during college. In her personal, academic, and professional life, Mikayla advocates on behalf of her beliefs, energizes those around her and likes to bring humor and enthusiasm into all of her daily activities. Born and raised in upstate New York, she loves to travel, run, play guitar, and try almost anything new.