Bright Lights

Bright Lights 

I think you hold on to the idea of glamour. I was in a place where I didn’t think about myself, but the glamour of the life was exciting for a young girl. I was really doing things at a young age that people don’t do. It was just really exciting for many years in the beginning and you hold on to that. As a young girl, you get sucked up into the idea of it. I’m talking about really doing things at a young age that young people just don’t do. Going places. Having the best of everything. Going first class everywhere. Being backstage. Being in limos. Being on boats. Being on yachts. Being in Ritz Carlton. Everyday, new clothes and outfits. Living in hotels.

New. New. New. Flash. Flash. Flash. Flash. Flash.

It’s really easy to get sucked into. it New cars. Just money flowing like nothing. Money. Money. Money.

I remember sometimes hiding my money all over the place because you’re jumping in and out (of cars). Sometimes, if I had on spandex or pantyhose, I would put money inside them. I remember going home and taking off my clothes and money falling out of everywhere. My stockings. My bra. My clothes. At the end of the night you’re counting hundreds of thousands of dollars and it was just crazy.

You go out shopping just for the clothes you’re going to wear tomorrow night. It is very easy to get sucked into that in the beginning. You don’t do laundry. You just get something new.

Living a life of not giving a shit about anything. Not a care in the world.