Marine Biology – BIOL 114

In Marine Biology students are introduced to the diversity and ecology of life in the oceans through a series of lectures and field trips. Discussion of basic physical and biological oceanography  precedes exploration of marine ecosystems such as the rocky intertidal, kelp forests, coral reefs, estuaries, and the deep sea.  We will also discuss interactions between humans and the oceans.

Marine Biology is offered during the fall semester. Other marine-related courses include: Ecology of Atlantic Shores (every other fall semester, with Dr. Livdahl), Topics in Marine Biology (every other fall semester), and Physiological Ecology of Marine Algae (every other spring semester). Ecology of Atlantic Shores and Physiological Ecology of Marine Algae provide students with hands-on research opportunities ranging from field ecology to molecular biology. Topics in Marine Biology is a seminar-based course that allows students to explore, read, discuss and present issues in the primary literature.

Students interested in marine sciences are encouraged to participate in off-campus programs such as the School for Field Studies and the Semester in Environmental Science at the Marine Biological Laboratory. In addition, summer classes for undergraduate and graduate students are offered at many locations.