Marine Biology | BIOL 114
In Marine Biology students are introduced to the diversity and ecology of life in the oceans through a series of lectures and field trips. Discussion of basic physical and biological oceanography precedes exploration of marine ecosystems such as the rocky intertidal, kelp forests, coral reefs, estuaries, and the deep sea. We will also discuss interactions between humans and the oceans. more info »

Ecology of Atlantic Shores | BIOL 201/301
This course provides students with “hands-on” opportunities to explore the ecology and behavior of marine organisms in diverse Atlantic habitats: the rocky intertidal of New England and coral reefs of Bermuda. Students design and carry out independent research projects during the semester and publish their findings on the course web site. The course is offered every other fall (co-taught by Professors Robertson and Livdahl). more info »

Topics in Marine Biology | BIOL 223/323
This writing intensive seminar course uses discussions of the primary literature to explore topics such as the impact of climate change on the marine environment, conservation biology, environmental genomics, microbial ecology, oceanography, and marine ecology. The course is offered every other spring semester.

Physiological Ecology of Marine Algae | BIOL 219/322
This research intensive course introduces upper-division undergraduates and graduate students to algal diversity and physiological ecology. Topics of discussion include evolution, biochemistry, molecular biology and physiology of photosynthetic cells. In the lab, students work as a group on a research project and develop expertise with techniques such as the measure of nutrient concentration, analysis of pigments, RNA extraction, and real-time PCR. Students present their results at Clark University’s Academic Spree Day. This course is offered every other spring.

Introductory Biology | BIOL 102
Second semester of a two-semester sequence, integrating biochemistry, cell biology, ecology and evolution. With Prof. David Hibbett.