Dr. Goldberg provides one-time and ongoing consultation on writing and publishing, as well as productivity coaching, to a wide range of professionals, including graduate students and faculty. As an experienced editor, writer, and mentor, with training as a clinical psychologist, she is highly prepared to work with clients on:

  • Productivity and goal-setting (e.g., how to get “unstuck”; creating value-driven goals; making progress on goals; creating habits of organization; writing more)
  • “Crossroads” coaching (exploring potential career shifts or paths; clarifying fit between interests, skills, and potential jobs; resume editing)
  • Feedback on academic manuscripts
  • Feedback on and editing of book proposals and book manuscripts
  • Preparation of materials for pre-tenure or tenure
  • Survey design and research participant recruitment
  • Qualitative data analysis
  • Public speaking

Dr. Goldberg has also served as a consultant for researchers, educators, and non-profits on topics such as:

  • Qualitative methods and analysis
  • Improving school climate for LGBTQ families and children
  • Improving adoption agency climate for LGBTQ individuals and couples
  • Creating trans-inclusive practices in higher education

Fees: Dr. Goldberg works on a sliding scale and is happy to set up a 20 minute free consultation to learn more.

Comments from recent clients include:

  • “Do not underestimate the impact of working with Abbie Goldberg. After slogging through paper after paper on my own, Abbie gave me a key piece of insight: ‘It’s hard for everyone. There’s no way around that part of writing, but there are some ways to get through it.’ With Abbie showing me some of these ways, I now find that writing is something I even enjoy sometimes.”- Joanna Scheib, UC Davis professor & The Sperm Bank of California Research Director
  • “My writing had stalled and I had lost direction. Working with Dr. Goldberg gave my work the crispness and direction it needed. The manuscript I was working on got a jump start and the PI of the study noted a marked improvement in the manuscript from my earlier drafts.  More than that, I recognized the larger impact of the work I was doing with Dr. Goldberg.  As a faculty of color, imposter syndrome is no joke.  The skills she reinforced or helped me develop gave me the confidence I needed.” – Junior faculty member at a liberal arts college

For information about Dr. Goldberg’s domains of expertise and consulting rates, or to inquire about her availability and fee for a speaking event or workshop, please contact her.